Realme 7 vs Realme 7 Pro Unboxing

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realme 7 vs realme 7 Pro Unboxing and First Look. Video made in partnership with realme.
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The realme 7 features a 6.5" 90Hz LCD Display, Quad Cameras (48MP Primary, 8MP Ultrawide, Macro lens + B&W Portrait lens), MediaTek Helio G95, Carbon Fiber Cooling System, up to 8GB RAM and 128GB storage, 5000mAh Battery with 30W Dart Charge and Price starts at £179.
The realme 7 pro features a 6.4" AMOLED Display, Quad Cameras (64MP Primary, 8MP Ultrawide, Macro lens + B&W Portrait lens), Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G, up to 8GB RAM and 128GB storage with MicroSD Slot, 4500mAh Battery with 65W SuperDart Charge and Price starts at £279.
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  • ❤️

    Rishabh BhandariRishabh Bhandari11 दिन पहले
  • Watching on realme 7 pro 💛💛💛

    • Is it good?

      _Immie__Immie_दिन पहले
  • The readme 7 pro has a microphone problem realme 7 doesn't while recording video

    Mrithik M SMrithik M Sमहीने पहले
  • 7 has 64 mp....u bloody ass holr

    Vibhav ThakurVibhav Thakurमहीने पहले
  • Is the audio recording ok on the video recording, does it sound flat or tinny? THANKS

    UK DocumentaryUK Documentaryमहीने पहले
  • In India realme 7 launch with 64mp sony 682 sensor

    Kumar Mannu 357Kumar Mannu 3572 महीने पहले
  • Seeing in realme 7 pro

    Kumar Mannu 357Kumar Mannu 3572 महीने पहले
  • I don't like giant bottom chins 😂

    Dino Ryusol FuryDino Ryusol Fury2 महीने पहले
  • I needed a phone for my classes. Im a final year graduate even now i have been depending on mom. Please help me. I dont need any apple product. I dont have any money to buy. Please give any of the phone. Wish you see this comment🌸

    Hanna MuhammedHanna Muhammed2 महीने पहले
  • In India there are only 2 most popular brands one is Xiaomi nd another is Realme 💪

    Zorphin GamingZorphin Gaming3 महीने पहले
  • Do POCO X3 NFC next

    Mr DavisMr Davis3 महीने पहले
  • Both of my favourite 🥰

    Riton AktarRiton Aktar3 महीने पहले
  • I'm using this mobile Realme 7 pro ...selfies is very poor

    Gokul KrisGokul Kris3 महीने पहले
  • Is real me 7 has 90hz display go with realme 7

  • So, where can I purchase one in Australia mate? ☕️🤔

    DeathQueen63DeathQueen633 महीने पहले
  • ياريت لو تضع ترجمه للفيديوهات

    مصطفي محمودمصطفي محمود3 महीने पहले
  • Is Realme 7 pro is now using Google dialer and google messages???

    Celso Delo IIICelso Delo III3 महीने पहले
  • With all these features, the 7 Pro makes the Nord look seriously overpriced. I will happily take stereo speakers, expandable storage and a headphone Jack (hooray!) over the 90Hz refresh rate of the Nord. Plus I'll be saving myself at least £100 compared to the Nord, as there may well be black Friday deals soon 👍🏾

    BuildersM8BuildersM83 महीने पहले
  • just wanted to say g95 scores more than 720g on antutu but snap is better at effieciency and longevity tho...

    Palanetra HebbarPalanetra Hebbar3 महीने पहले
  • Indian variant box have salman khan on it, enought to deter me away from bying it😹

    I'M JAMESI'M JAMES3 महीने पहले
  • Real me spreading it's wings, Affordable 👍

    Chandrashekar432Chandrashekar4323 महीने पहले
  • Paid

    Mohan RajMohan Raj3 महीने पहले
  • 720g isn't better for gaming the mediatek soc has a better gpu 😑

    Tahsin Kabir NoorTahsin Kabir Noor3 महीने पहले
  • These realme sponsored videos are starting to sound all the same.

    Tahsin Kabir NoorTahsin Kabir Noor3 महीने पहले
  • Both of them have 64mp cameras

    Muhammed AfthabMuhammed Afthab3 महीने पहले
  • To get more views do unboxings very quickly otherwise it feels so laaggyy.

    HarishHarish3 महीने पहले
  • Apple : we'll try to give you 90hz or 120hz experience in just 1100$ in future Samsung : we will only give you 120hz in ultra and superb 60hz in plastic phone at 1000$ Realme : 200$ 90hz Apple : 😖😖😖 Samsung: 😲😲😲🤤😲😲😲

    Macharam 2 JedcherlaMacharam 2 Jedcherla3 महीने पहले
  • Realme 7: 90hz at $169 Note 20: Am I a joke to you?

    Mike CasperMike Casper3 महीने पहले
  • Hi please let me know how I chat with you I need to solvey doubt Please

    Ahmed SonAhmed Son3 महीने पहले
    • My name ahmedmia omar

      Ahmed SonAhmed Son3 महीने पहले
  • We should probably have a supersaf style canera comparison!!!

    printer boyprinter boy3 महीने पहले
  • Every time i hear a 3 pin charger like the one in my country asia in i remember the british that used to ruled our land

    Zim ExtraZim Extra3 महीने पहले
  • Funny fact 7pro have bigger display than 7

    Saadaan GamerzSaadaan Gamerz3 महीने पहले
  • Great unboxing and hands on review as always stay safe Sir 👍 🙏

    usman abdulkadirusman abdulkadir3 महीने पहले
  • Please review the poco X3

    BlitzWolferBlitzWolfer3 महीने पहले
  • In India this brand is Dominating 🔥🔥

    StOrM GamingStOrM Gaming3 महीने पहले
  • Why does the pro have a smaller battery?

    Josh TJosh T3 महीने पहले
  • Messed up phones. Next..!

    AryaArya3 महीने पहले
  • Does the release of those phones in the UK mean that they're available in south Africa too?

    Kyle ThysseKyle Thysse3 महीने पहले
  • Poco x3 is better then it because it has 732G and 120 hz and also cheap

    Pankaj NehraPankaj Nehra3 महीने पहले
  • Real me : 300 £ come wt fast charging adapter , 120hz,big 5000 battery, clear case, headphone jack, no huge idiotic notch, just small punch hole, triple case 2 sim n expandable storage IPhone 12 :1200 £, no charger, still stuck at 18 watt, no 120hz display, 3900 mah battery, no case, huge notch n no headphone jack, no expandable, no double Sim... Isheep:iPhone r far better

    Sun KillSun Kill3 महीने पहले
  • Dream to have this insane

    renzki officialrenzki official3 महीने पहले
  • Here in India we are getting much better phone for lower prices. The realme7 pro doesn't really have anything good except that 65w charging. Poco X3 is has everything better for lower price.l, even the120hz display.

    Anubhav SinghAnubhav Singh3 महीने पहले
  • can anyone please explain to me, why every smartphone, which tries to slim down the bezel, leaves the bottom side? For, instance OP7Pro, just check the phone's pic or the phone itself, you notice the bottom bezel is slightly bigger than the rest 3 siders.. can anyone please explain why?

    N AdityaN Aditya3 महीने पहले
    • because there are components there if you want no bezel there they need to curve the display and glass to go under the components and folds into frame from inside and that makes it mjch more expensive iphone does that they gave top notch but no bottom bezel

      Ivan MaksimovicIvan Maksimovic3 महीने पहले
  • OnePlus killer 😂

    Kevin M.Kevin M.3 महीने पहले
  • Realme 7 also has 64 mp

    Suryateja SLNSuryateja SLN3 महीने पहले
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Krishna chowdaryKrishna chowdary3 महीने पहले
  • Watching in Realme 7 Pro 😁😁

    Sourav BhowalSourav Bhowal3 महीने पहले
  • Safwan bro they both have 64mp camera with sony IMX682 sensor.

  • saf didnt realize that helio g95 is an improvement over helio g90t which can defeat 720g as well as 730g in performance as well as benchmarks, topped it with the 90hz then its a more powerful device. conclusion great dispay = 7 pro ,power/performance = 7

    Chris CarmsChris Carms3 महीने पहले
  • That SD is not better then that Mtk!!!!What are u talking about Saf?

    Tomislav BošnjakTomislav Bošnjak3 महीने पहले
    • He is stupid i think ,,,,,

      shyam Pradeepshyam Pradeep3 महीने पहले
  • 7:29 there is nothing like carbon cooling system i cant feel it{realme 7 user}

    # include# include3 महीने पहले
    • @Jaron Joel Hahahaha

      cutie piecutie pie3 महीने पहले
    • There is try to tear down

      Jaron JoelJaron Joel3 महीने पहले
  • Watching in realme 7...its not a good mobile following are the major problem 1.heat 2.lag 3.screen hz is not good 4.can see the punchole around the camera 5.headphone jack is located in left 6.brightness is not good 7.screen lag while fingerprint unlock is not good 9.colour correction is not good 10.there is no wide angle option

    # include# include3 महीने पहले
  • How strange, the pro version with a smaller display...

    Darshan ShahDarshan Shah3 महीने पहले
    • Just like Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5

      Pradeep KumarPradeep Kumar3 महीने पहले
  • Ii's good to know we are getting so many affordable options on the market, with amazing specs and no flagship high price. Great video.

    Aubin BaldonadoAubin Baldonado3 महीने पहले
  • These chins 🤮 At least the software is clean

    Alexander MarkovAlexander Markov3 महीने पहले

    ????????????3 महीने पहले
  • This phone look great would be even better with more colours. Everthing thing is all good with the triple card slot and most of the top end phone don't have witch would be great. How long is the operating system you get updated for example 2 or 3 years? Android 10 and 13!!

    Stevie DStevie D3 महीने पहले
    • They are just 2 years old company Im still using their 1st Phone Realme 1 6+128GB Variant and it still works perfectly But i got just 1 Android Update Their Number series usually get 1 year Major Android update ( they said that) But now they are giving 2 years i think If you go for their X Series you will definitely get 2 years major Android Update And we cant expect more Updates as their phones are Cheaper yet Powerful Also now recently every Android Flagship Phone Manufacturers such as Samsung, Oneplus, Google are promising 3 years of updates..... With regarding that, it is okay to get 2 years updates for these Midrange phones

      Pradeep KumarPradeep Kumar3 महीने पहले
  • Yeet

    Pierson OuradaPierson Ourada3 महीने पहले
  • Watching this from realme 7, *Indian version of realme 7 doesn't have NFC

    Suvankar DasSuvankar Das3 महीने पहले
    • Yes,but has a 64mp camera unlike the 48

      creepercreeper3 महीने पहले
  • Its shocking how reasonable those phones are with so much it gives.

    Nikita NorgroveNikita Norgrove3 महीने पहले
  • 60 Hz AMOLED >>> 90/120 Hz LCD

    Mihailo MajstorovicMihailo Majstorovic3 महीने पहले
  • Can I have one please? 😂😂😂

    Booredatwork.comBooredatwork.com3 महीने पहले
    • Give me too

      AdvikAdvik2 महीने पहले
    • @Ammar Hussain I tui p ok

      Suvash JyotiSuvash Jyoti3 महीने पहले
    • man, where is colonel singala?? we all mis him

      Ammar HussainAmmar Hussain3 महीने पहले
  • Already watched their unboxing video on unbox Therapy 😂😎

    Parth AgrawalParth Agrawal3 महीने पहले
  • Pramod 😂😂😂

    Parth AgrawalParth Agrawal3 महीने पहले
  • Same, same, same .... :)

    Milorad ObradovicMilorad Obradovic3 महीने पहले
  • Hey bro Realme 7 pro Has Super Amoled Display Not Oled display Great review and First Budget Phone Review on Your Channel

    V. SridharV. Sridhar3 महीने पहले
  • In India Realme 7 & 7pro has the same 64MP primary camera

    Pranav S KumarPranav S Kumar3 महीने पहले
  • In India the retail box has a big Salman Khan on it

    Pranav S KumarPranav S Kumar3 महीने पहले
  • Wow I’m going to get the relame 7 pro with that brilliant oled screen + with the 8gb ram & snapdragon + that boost of a charger, I’m gonna go to Amazon & see if I can pre order it now cheers Supersaf great video peace ✌️

    Juan SeedyJuan Seedy3 महीने पहले
    • @Vulcan Horuseus can we buy from flip art from UK, as its a Indian online shopping platform, can you please let me know, as I am thinking to buy Realme 7 from Amazon

      cutie piecutie pie3 महीने पहले
    • Flipkart is offering Realme X3 at 279 pounds during its big billion days. 120 hz refresh rate, snap 855+. Consider checking it out.

      Vulcan HoruseusVulcan Horuseus3 महीने पहले
  • ❤❤❤

    Matej Mikloš - Vegan For LifeMatej Mikloš - Vegan For Life3 महीने पहले
  • Play pubg for 10 days and check it will it survive

    Reastle gamerReastle gamer3 महीने पहले
  • 👈 It would be of IMMENSE help to me if you would click on my profile▶️

    Syed RazaSyed Raza3 महीने पहले
  • Actually the realme 7 is powerfull than the 7pro.realme 7 is much better in gaming 🔥 than the pro model.

    RAJ KUMARRAJ KUMAR3 महीने पहले
  • i just want to know the lifespan of the battery like 2-3 years because if it's 2-3 years that's pretty good. By lifespan not when the battey dies but when it acting weird and uses the battery very quick

    Ramon CastilloRamon Castillo3 महीने पहले
    • Realme, Oppo, Vivo, Oneplus and Iqoo comes under BBK Electronics and their Charging Technologies are Same as well... You have to check the Realme Tweets or Launch Event where they say how did they achieve that speed without effecting Battery and how safe it is... Atleast in INDIA Realme Speaks about Charging Technology...... And you will definitely be impressed by them

      Pradeep KumarPradeep Kumar3 महीने पहले
    • my friend has a realme 2 pro its 2 years old and still runs well

      EliteElite3 महीने पहले
  • This was shot on Saturday why uploaded today

    Mahmoud ShabanaMahmoud Shabana3 महीने पहले
  • Only the display 😟

    FaMon IzaFaMon Iza3 महीने पहले
  • So this is why I can't sell at a good price my one year old Samsung A70...

    Reggie BuffatReggie Buffat3 महीने पहले
  • Speed test ?

    CivilWarriorYTCivilWarriorYT3 महीने पहले
  • Dont get it The poco x3 is at 160€ and it got 120hz and is better than this realme Why would I ever buy it compared to the pocox3 offer ?

    Reda BellReda Bell3 महीने पहले
  • Realme 7 also has a 64 Megapixel bro😎🔥

    Super ManSuper Man3 महीने पहले
    • That's in the India varient.they have a 48mp camera.But they have nfc and better looking box so...

      creepercreeper3 महीने पहले
  • Meanwhile Apple is charging $1300 and only offers 60hz refresh rate and slow charging.

    AmanAman3 महीने पहले
  • Realme is really doing well, maybe it will overtake Xiaomi one day🤔🤔

    Jay TechJay Tech3 महीने पहले
  • So the 7 has 90hz and 7Pro has only 60hz? 😳

    Youngster joeyYoungster joey3 महीने पहले
  • We need a Supersaf style camera comparison for the realme 7 pro

    Venkat PrasadVenkat Prasad3 महीने पहले
  • I will never ever buy a phone with Macro / Depth / B&W etc... gimmicky cameras, simply because I don't want them to get away with this, thinking they succeeded cheating everyone. NO ONE EVER ASKED for these dummy cameras, stop cheating.

    Pedro CorreiaPedro Correia3 महीने पहले
  • 48mp on the non pro? Hmmm

    Gabriel Lanz MorialGabriel Lanz Morial3 महीने पहले
  • I feel bad that you have so less views even with 1.5M subs. Dead channel. Look for a job.

    Krishna BharadwajKrishna Bharadwaj3 महीने पहले
    • With ur 3 views lmaooo 🤣🥴

      AyyItsHamzahAyyItsHamzah3 महीने पहले
    • Lol 18k views why u send hate for

      AyyItsHamzahAyyItsHamzah3 महीने पहले
  • Dear Sir, I am Thinking of downloading Focus app but is it worth spending the money on the pro features as Apple might make these features as standard on future iPhone's as computational photography is improving all the time, have you seen or heard of Focus app for iPhone, plenty of INworlds videos about this amazing app.

    cariza5cariza53 महीने पहले
  • Meanwhile £1,179 iphones with 60hz display

    Alan JosephAlan Joseph3 महीने पहले
    • Gg well played i guess. If you do it to urself its dumb. Then again i hate samsung collabing with bts. Fans r so gay.

      User_Error101User_Error1013 महीने पहले
  • Wooo👎👎👎👎 this is not a review he partnered with realme so no honest shitt hey supersaf Don't do these kind of videos it'll ruin ur name

    subhu shanmukhsubhu shanmukh3 महीने पहले
  • I dont know why all phone have bigger chin on down side, why isnt the same all around the screen, it always better when its symmetrical.. But otherwise phones r great, especially because of battery

    Маrio MаrioМаrio Mаrio3 महीने पहले
  • What is the screen resolution on both devices?

    Usman QamarUsman Qamar3 महीने पहले
  • Samsung: we're gonna cut corners on the cheaper model. Realme: we're gonna cut corners on the more expensive model.

    Afnan KhurramAfnan Khurram3 महीने पहले
    • Realme 7 pro is better Amoled > 90Hz

      pogsherpogsher3 महीने पहले
    • sooooo true the realme 7 has a 90hz and the pro has 60 and the pro is smaller

      The Card Trick CuberThe Card Trick Cuber3 महीने पहले
    • @Artronics yh we know but it isn't as much as a trade off when the realme 6 pro was the exact same phone for a lesser price where the only difference was the successor had amoled and cute the telephoto lens! I'd say the realme 6 pro is the most best value for now

      Saaim BeghSaaim Begh3 महीने पहले

      Open This LinkOpen This Link3 महीने पहले
    • bruh 60Hz amoled is more expensive than 90hz lcd

      ArtronicsArtronics3 महीने पहले
  • So is this device in the us?

    Giving You Sports From My Point Of ViewGiving You Sports From My Point Of View3 महीने पहले
  • Saf is becoming more of a salesman

    Zaman ziaZaman zia3 महीने पहले
  • Hey saf .. what's happened to the iPad Air 2020 ?

    All For OneAll For One3 महीने पहले
  • These android phones are getting cheaper and better 🥴

    Martin GrantMartin Grant3 महीने पहले
  • So, the base version has a larger and smoother display? Lol. And that Macro and B&W cameras are absolute gimmicks..

    Nick MotsarskyNick Motsarsky3 महीने पहले
    • Quality is more important than frames

      H4WKBLAZEH4WKBLAZE3 महीने पहले
    • Nick Motsarsky It is OLED on the 7 Pro dude

      H4WKBLAZEH4WKBLAZE3 महीने पहले
  • The hardware's great but I can't withstand the UI

    Mukund GuptaMukund Gupta3 महीने पहले
    • @Madlearnist everyone has a particular taste.He may even prefer both of them thab the realme ui..its a subjective topic

      David VL HmarDavid VL Hmar3 महीने पहले
    • Much better than OneUi and MIUI I guess you can't withstand them too

      MadlearnistMadlearnist3 महीने पहले
  • Please review the Samsung galaxy m51.