iPad Pro Magic Keyboard Unboxing & Impressions - IT FLOATS!

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Apple iPad Pro Magic Keyboard Unboxing and Impressions (12.9 inch)
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The Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro (11 inch and 12.9 inch) features floating cantilever design, trackpad, full‑size backlit keyboard and a scissor mechanism with 1mm travel, USB-C port for charging, is compatible with the iPad Pro 4th generation and 3rd generation and is priced at £299/£349.
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  • That’s fake!

    A b h i r a j S i n g h 2 7A b h i r a j S i n g h 2 73 महीने पहले
  • The function keys would remove the touch aspect of the device. It is an iPad don’t forget lol not a laptop! I mostly use the keyboard as a dock when I need it

    Avery JelksAvery Jelks4 महीने पहले
  • I love watching things that i can’t afford

    Laurence Neil SampangLaurence Neil Sampang5 महीने पहले
  • Great Review, thank you. One suggestion for future. You could weigh the Ipads and keyboards. I just got my Ipad and it's very light. I"m considering the Magic Keyboard but would've loved to know the weights and how much more it is with the keyboard on. A quick google search gives me finds that the 12.9 weighs 1.4 lbs. With the Magic Keyboard a total of 3 lbs.

    Shane HarkerShane Harker5 महीने पहले
  • Is the $350 US dollars the set price or was it calculated from 350 British lbs? Because 350 British lbs is 437 US dollars. Just curious. I’m thinking of buying one fur my hubby so he’ll stop using his tiny phone but he’s never used an IOS product yet (using HO and Samsung). I’m wondering if it would prove to be too much for him to learn (we’re old but I love technology and I’m buying MacBook Pro 16”). Any help greatly appreciated. Also wondering what the warranty involves, can you give it back after a certain number of days if he doesn’t like it?

    Janet OJanet O7 महीने पहले
  • I have the previous Smart Keypad Folio. But I see the advantage with that is it can fold all the way back to hold iPad Pro to use the screen only, say reading a book. Seeing your video it does not seem this case folds back 360 degree. Please confirm if it does.

    Paramjit SinghParamjit Singh7 महीने पहले
  • 👍

    Mohammad RMJGMohammad RMJG8 महीने पहले
  • Only Apple can charge $300.00 for a keyboard.

    manuel parramanuel parra8 महीने पहले
  • Beautiful :)

    Sophisticated VloggersSophisticated Vloggers8 महीने पहले
  • Haha wonderful

    szewei85szewei858 महीने पहले
  • My keyboard won't pair with my iPad? Any solutions?

    Vector MVector M9 महीने पहले
  • I hate typing on a phone and solving PC problems so the iPad is the perfect two in one device for me.

    The ObserverThe Observer9 महीने पहले
  • Dumb ass product just buy a laptop

    XxxXxx9 महीने पहले
  • When will be next giveaway

    Shravan BaijuShravan Baiju9 महीने पहले
  • Saf, does it fold back on itself if your not using the keyboard, rather than removing the iPad, when I'm not using my Smart Keyboard it just folds up the back of the iPad?

    BennBenn9 महीने पहले
    • It doesn't fold back on itself

      SuperSafSuperSaf9 महीने पहले
  • Magic keyboard looks very cool. 👍

    Mariusz SzymkowiakMariusz Szymkowiak9 महीने पहले
  • Please make a camera comparison between iPhone SE and Pixel 2.🙏

    Thaie DuoThaie Duo9 महीने पहले
  • Question: How strong is the magnet? if you close the keyboard without having the iPad in between, and place the iPad on the back of the closed keyboard, does it stick to it well?

    Rajath P. CRajath P. C9 महीने पहले
  • Ronnie is that you?

    Daniel KimDaniel Kim9 महीने पहले
  • Saf there with his big grey head

    Nick BarnettNick Barnett9 महीने पहले
  • I'm waiting until the non apple keyboards mimick it. 300 is ridiculous.

    Mariano LloretMariano Lloret9 महीने पहले
  • inworlds.info/plus/1Njb0YWTZ56wt9g/v-iy

    Show AllShow All9 महीने पहले
  • Is it made in America ? It's time to make, buy and hire locals. STOP contributing to bio attack countries !!!

    sam vsam v9 महीने पहले
  • Guys he always appreciated apple products while apple products are too pricey and useless,

    Kalrav ParikhKalrav Parikh9 महीने पहले
  • Everyone is not able to buy such expensive thing like you,

    Kalrav ParikhKalrav Parikh9 महीने पहले
  • Useless video

    Kalrav ParikhKalrav Parikh9 महीने पहले
  • iPad Pro It does not charge wirelessly 👎👎👎

    Irek MIrek M9 महीने पहले
  • Very insightful. Thank you.

    YogeshKaliaYogeshKalia9 महीने पहले
  • Do u even reply to the comments? Or just too busy making videos

    Pratap BhumijPratap Bhumij9 महीने पहले
  • It can not “wirelessly charge the iPad through the cover”, there are three metallic connectors on the back of the iPad that connect with the case, which allows for the charging, but it isn’t Qi and you can’t use wireless chargers

    Volts PCVolts PC9 महीने पहले
  • I like it though there is nothing wrong with the 2018 keyboard except its not backlit. I just use the pencil if I have to touch the screen most of the time. touchpad will be handy.

    Andrew HoffmanAndrew Hoffman9 महीने पहले
  • Can 2018 ipad pro use this cover?

    BernardBernard9 महीने पहले
    • Yes

      Rey Lopez-CalderonRey Lopez-Calderon9 महीने पहले
  • This is crazy , both would cost more than £700 . I could get a mobile desktop with dedicated graphics for less than £400 . Hobbled with IPad os, it’s a no brained to skip this. A wannabe computer ...

    difflam74difflam749 महीने पहले
  • can you use micro sd card on oneplus 8 pro

    shubhangideulkarshubhangideulkar9 महीने पहले
  • man can you do a camera comparison between samsung s10 and oneplus 8 pro please I am confused which to buy

    shubhangideulkarshubhangideulkar9 महीने पहले
  • if you have a case on the iPad to simply protect it, will the magnets on the magic keyboard still work

    David FieldDavid Field9 महीने पहले
  • Why face old ?

    ZakZak9 महीने पहले
  • SuperSaf, your background and desk is blinding to a point it's a bit uncomfortable to look at for sometime. Please consider using a darker shade over there

    Ahsan JubaidAhsan Jubaid9 महीने पहले
  • Why cannot you move the ipad up the lid? That seems so obvious, and would be way more ergonomic than any other keyboard/ipad setup. This would be THE USP for the keyboard. Pretty disappointed at Apple's designers.

    Mark HMark H9 महीने पहले
  • Wow

    MasterMaster9 महीने पहले
  • Always surprised they don’t offer other colors...

    Ben PitBen Pit9 महीने पहले
  • I like the design, but will wait for a chinese copycat!

    Techno PandaTechno Panda9 महीने पहले
    • Techno Panda 🤣 .. apple got me i spent $400 on the 12.9 😫😫😫

      Phoenix RisingPhoenix Rising5 महीने पहले
  • Does the system allow me to add the brightness control within the control center shortcut which will show as the right side of the iPad swipe down control legend?

    Keecha MKeecha M9 महीने पहले
  • Is it good for artists

  • All Mac users are index-middle finger using Typists. Means casual significance seeking, affect- appreciation seeking individuals... I have never come across somebody real professional minded people using a Mac..

    Дж Б РокенсьДж Б Рокенсь9 महीने पहले
  • Will be getting it soon

    Jerry SilvaJerry Silva9 महीने पहले
  • I've recently realized I only use my Macbook now for the internet browser. Other than that I'm on my iPad and iPhone 95% of the time. This iPad Pro with Magic keyboard is for me definitely.

    Evil SpockEvil Spock9 महीने पहले
    • Captain go getm tiger

      Martha SpeaksMartha Speaks9 महीने पहले
  • The Verge now the iPad might has a chance to replace a laptop... all it needs are those powerful apps and games that force us to leave the iPad and go back to the laptop, and know with apple officially supporting keyboard and mouse, those apps, games can really be on iPad.. This update will make a huge difference to the iPad in the near future.

    All iPadAll iPad9 महीने पहले
  • 38k views and almost 2mil subs? Why?

    ADDODZ1ADDODZ19 महीने पहले
  • grey hairs now saf noooooooooooo

    Ritik PRitik P9 महीने पहले
  • This keyboard and price has to be the biggest tech con of the last 10 years.

    NickNick9 महीने पहले
  • Sound and brightness settings can be changed by swiping down on the upper right corner of the screen.

    DookBDookB9 महीने पहले
    • DookB He means the keyboard backlight brightness settings, not the iPad’s brightness settings.

      NN9 महीने पहले
  • expensive. Can you give me a free one pls...lol

    latitudelatitude9 महीने पहले
  • Most Apps are not utilizing the Trackpad. It s HEAVY with an iPad. Havier than the Macbook Air, Thicker than the Macbook Pro 13. You can´t flip the Keyboard to the back. The Cam is at the SIDE instead on Top of the Screen.

    DramaLamaDramaLama9 महीने पहले
  • I’ve been thinking about it since it was announced and I like what’s on the table - it is as complete a package as you can get in as sleek a design as you could get. Doesn’t have it all, like function keys but I can see why - they’d be inconveniently placed at best, inaccessible at worst; As for it not folding behind iPad - you don’t get the raised display AND the back folding feature - I would rather my iPad not be at risk of falling over nor do I understand how anyone thinks it’s a good design to be fondling a keyboard at the back of the device when in tablet mode. Didn’t work for me with the Lenovo Yoga series, hate that about the Smart Keyboard Folio and am glad it’s not here. Unpopular opinion, I’m sure. Problem is although the iPad is my primary “computer” I also use it for digital art quite often. I know it’s easy to pop off and carry on but I’m not about that naked life - I need a case and screen protector on this thing at all times. My current setup is just the bluetooth magic keyboard and my 12.9 iPad Pro in the Ottorbox case on a raised stand.

    NN9 महीने पहले
  • Lot off money the iPad Pro and keyboard, it is stil running iPad os not Mac OS X for Thatcher money you have A MacBook Air

    Elvin MullerElvin Muller9 महीने पहले
  • They're afraid of canabalize Laptop sales. No ios update to mimic a real Mac.

    li wuli wu9 महीने पहले
  • Can you do a review on the new keyboard with the iPad if you do a general drop test? Since it suppose to protect the iPad and the keyboard itself. Its an expensive investment, would like to see if it really does the replacement for a laptop if there’s accident or knock.

    Thomas ChanThomas Chan9 महीने पहले
  • * Goes to Apple store excited to purchase it. (finds out it's $400+) * Quickly closes Chrome browser.

    • Oof still buying it 😂

      xX•Slayer•xXxX•Slayer•xX9 महीने पहले
    • Stimulus check shaking rn

      XxxXxx9 महीने पहले
  • but can it fold all the way around so that you can use the pencil?

    ZydainZydain9 महीने पहले
    • Zydain You can still use Apple Pencil but it doesn’t fold back all the way. You would get Smart Keyboard Folio if you wanted that.

      NN9 महीने पहले
  • One way Apple can add a “Pro” feature to the iPad Pro is the natively add 16:9 external video output, whether that’s from the UBC-C or through Airplay. This will require an iPadOS change or maybe even a change to the hardware itself. But either way, it’s a bit deflating to find the next person to present in a meeting when the person before did their presentation on a Surface in its full screen glory start to finish into a 16:9 aspect projector/large flat panel then you come in with your 4:3 aspect. Yes, there are apps that will scale to 16:9, but natively iPadOS supports only 4:3 aspect.

    Ed HudleyEd Hudley9 महीने पहले
    • This is a real "Pro" feature. Which is something people don't even care about in their "Pro" labeled devices.

      Thibaut MahringerThibaut Mahringer9 महीने पहले
  • Try the iPad with a separate keyboard+trackpad combo board, does that work? like a Logitech kind.

    Alan GilletteAlan Gillette9 महीने पहले
    • Yep it would work, logitech made one for the standard iPad, but nothing for the pro yet. Also note that it's battery powered and works via bluetooth not the smart connector.

      Petit Bébé MignonPetit Bébé Mignon9 महीने पहले
  • Very cool!

    JessD77JessD779 महीने पहले
  • Great Vid Saf! For me it's the weight which bothers me... it's thicker and heavier than my 13" MacBook Pro. It looks like a great option if the iPad is your only computer... but for me it's always a travel device.

    Editors KeysEditors Keys9 महीने पहले
  • This looks so make shift and out dated with the iPad on it very cheap just like the lcd display overpriced!

    MonstrousFiendMonstrousFiend9 महीने पहले
  • Everyone acted like they haven't received anything yet but all of a sudden now all INworldsrs put out a video with the Magic Keyboard. I feel betrayed.

    Youtube KullanıcısıYoutube Kullanıcısı9 महीने पहले
  • @supersaf the keyboard does not charge the tablet using wireless charging - it uses metal contacts!

    Tomasz NowickiTomasz Nowicki9 महीने पहले
  • Don't see the point way to expensive

    Peter MitchellPeter Mitchell9 महीने पहले
  • The new iPhone SE is $400, this keyboard is $50 less......WHAT A STEAL! :D

    Timmy JrTimmy Jr9 महीने पहले
  • its amazing but if we add both prices it goes upto $1000 and for that price i will go for macbook air for sure

    Rohit TawaniRohit Tawani9 महीने पहले
  • I have a feeling that Apple will add a keyboard shortcut to change the brightness of keys, just need enough people suggesting the feature within the feedback app

    Leon ZaneLeon Zane9 महीने पहले
  • Seems like a good video, I wish I could understand what he's saying though

    NoNameNoName9 महीने पहले
    • @MrAsweqwe lol. I know. Them too! 😅😅😅

      NoNameNoName9 महीने पहले
  • That price is too much

    pyrosdestinypyrosdestiny9 महीने पहले
  • Not an Apple user, just here to smash the thumb up.

    King Juli enKing Juli en9 महीने पहले
  • Give us a demo how iPad charges wirelessly

    emaad awanemaad awan9 महीने पहले
    • emaad awan why do people keep comparing this to the price of the iPhone SE? What do the two have to do with each other. It’s a luxury accessory for the iPad, nothing more. The iPad operates just as it always has as a tablet without it. The iPhone SE is an iPhone 8 with the latest chip meant to be a budget phone and nothing more. The iPad Pro starts at $799 and an iPhone pro starts at $999.

      WatchReport.comWatchReport.com9 महीने पहले
    • WatchReport.com it is new and how things are happening through connector so this better explains the picture as the accessory has a 349$ price tag when the iPhone SE costs 399$ I am happ iJustine demoed this

      emaad awanemaad awan9 महीने पहले
    • Huh? You plug the charger into the keyboard and it charges the iPad, it’s pass through charging. What’s to demo?

      WatchReport.comWatchReport.com9 महीने पहले
  • Can you like fold it outwards and use only the screen instead of detaching it?

    Chetan GrandheChetan Grandhe9 महीने पहले
    • Chetan Grandhe Nope. Only Smart Keyboard Folio does that. With this you just pop off the iPad and use it without the keyboard; pop it back on when you need it.

      NN9 महीने पहले
  • inworlds.info/plus/j7rfmJGhd6-c36Y/v-iy

    games citygames city9 महीने पहले
  • finally.. a real laptop

    Rorschach XRorschach X9 महीने पहले
  • Is it worth the money?

    Peter CatlinPeter Catlin9 महीने पहले
  • Cool keyboard but not for that price

    Mike RodriguezMike Rodriguez9 महीने पहले
  • Brightness control built in the keyboard coming in the next version, $50 extra for that! 🤣

    Rahul VanganiRahul Vangani9 महीने पहले
  • The price of it though! £300 to £350 depending on size!!!!! Add that to the price of the 12 inch 128gb, your looking at like £1350!? Why would you not just buy a Macbook for that!? I dont understand how this is a better option then a traditional laptop or macbook!? Other then the fact that you can spend another £120 on a pencil to draw on the screen with!!!

    Kimberley FraserKimberley Fraser9 महीने पहले
    • I use my iPad Pro as my primary “computer” because I do digital art with Apple Pencil and don’t need a whole laptop just to watch Netflix and INworlds around the house so it may not be a consideration for you but for someone like me it is *shrug

      NN9 महीने पहले
  • desk-able disruptive tech. i like how they force people to acquire new habits

    Jabulani HarveyJabulani Harvey9 महीने पहले
  • why the sound is not with the video?

    Ibrahim LuqmanIbrahim Luqman9 महीने पहले
  • Can we use magic keyboard for the last year ipad pro?

    Dr Varun HuilgolDr Varun Huilgol9 महीने पहले
    • @WatchReport.com yeah I watched and later came to know! Thanks. I had sent this before watching the video.

      Dr Varun HuilgolDr Varun Huilgol9 महीने पहले
    • Yes you can

      Shaniel WalkerShaniel Walker9 महीने पहले
    • Did you not watch the video?

      WatchReport.comWatchReport.com9 महीने पहले
  • Can we still use the Apple pen in a different angle with the keyboard on?

    Samuel JoelSamuel Joel9 महीने पहले
    • Petit Bébé Mignon you could always take it off though

      Robbie MeikleRobbie Meikle9 महीने पहले
    • if you mean like you could do with the smart keyboard folio then no, the max angle is kinda disappointing

      Petit Bébé MignonPetit Bébé Mignon9 महीने पहले
  • tfw watching because saf and have no interest in overpriced fruit products

    fred sigufred sigu9 महीने पहले
  • not a review

    gwvaiogwvaio9 महीने पहले
  • Apple offers simple and sleek solutions for the technological challenges we face 👌 Currently use the smart folio but will be getting this! 👍

    Mr AMr A9 महीने पहले
    • PoSsIbLy unmatched yeah definitely

      Tim XieTim Xie9 महीने पहले
    • @Tim Xie i love apple too. I admit their products are very high quality and have a unique weird attractiveness to them. But they are just too expensive for what they offer and the ability of their products dosent match up.

      PoSsIbLy unmatchedPoSsIbLy unmatched9 महीने पहले
    • @PoSsIbLy unmatched i really love apple, but i hafta agree with you here. Solutions to problems they create - but at the end of the day, they're still making the money :(

      Tim XieTim Xie9 महीने पहले
    • Solutions for problems they create. Sad to see how blind you are.

      PoSsIbLy unmatchedPoSsIbLy unmatched9 महीने पहले
    • Mr Rain you forgot overpriced.

      NickNick9 महीने पहले
  • have you seen the new PS5 Design from #FirstClassDriver 😎😎😎

    Sahin SahinSahin Sahin9 महीने पहले
  • Going to sell my iPad Pro to buy this touchpad magic keyboard 😂😂😂

    Md. MehediMd. Mehedi9 महीने पहले
    • Md. Mehedi 😆

      Homicidal210Homicidal2106 महीने पहले
    • I have one with the folio keyboard, already sold my one kidney to get it & right now looking to the other one for the magic keyboard

      Md. MehediMd. Mehedi9 महीने पहले
    • Md. Mehedi you don’t have one in the first place to start with

      ArkhalisArkhalis9 महीने पहले
  • iPad Pro does not have wireless charging.

    Florin KiritescuFlorin Kiritescu9 महीने पहले
  • Man you look older than God now 🤣

    Aditya ChopraAditya Chopra9 महीने पहले
  • What I want to know is if this Magic Keyboard will hold up better than my Smart Keyboard Folio. The materials are crap on that thing.

    cbruce76cbruce769 महीने पहले
    • Prob not, I agree, the outer materials of the iPad cases are pretty bad for the price

      Fredrick WeathersFredrick Weathers9 महीने पहले
    • cbruce76 I might get this one when my Smart Keyboard fails... or till they release a newer iPad

      Engr. JAMEngr. JAM9 महीने पहले
  • This is apples way of saying that microsoft got it right lol.

    Fikret ZargarliFikret Zargarli9 महीने पहले
  • That's $436 USD, I can't believe they charge you guys the same price in pounds as we pay dollars.

    photoshopCAFEphotoshopCAFE9 महीने पहले
    • In the UK, the marked price includes all the taxes, whereas in the US, the sales tax are added to the marked price and the products become more expensive than the marked price.

      Eee MonEee Mon9 महीने पहले
  • It is really cooll..... dope

    Nebu C ThomasNebu C Thomas9 महीने पहले
  • Now it looks nice... saf you're cool

    Nebu C ThomasNebu C Thomas9 महीने पहले
  • Why not show it working on your lap ?

    asif awanasif awan9 महीने पहले
  • Would be cool if you could adjust the key brightness from Control Center.

    Sr HSr H9 महीने पहले
    • Maybe shortcuts?

      Santiago RayoSantiago Rayo9 महीने पहले