Huawei P40 Pro Camera Test & Deep Dive

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AD - A detailed look at all the camera features of the Huawei P40 Pro covering everything from Night, Portrait, Aperture, Video, Light Painting, Selfie and much more, with Sample Images and Tips & Tricks!
►The HUAWEI P40 Pro (8GB RAM, 256GB Storage, RRP £899) is now available to purchase from selected retailers and operators including Carphone Warehouse, Virgin Mobile, Three as well as direct from Huawei.
►For handy hints and tips head over to the Huawei Community:
►Huawei has also launched HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE 2020, the massive smartphone photography and video competition. With over 70 chances to win cash prizes of up to US$10,000, check out how you can enter and win by sharing your creations:
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0:00 Intro
1:02 Hardware
2:48 Interface
3:10 Master AI
3:50 Assistive Grid and Horizon Level
4:23 Looks and Filters
4:39 Portrait
5:30 Aperture
6:08 Night
6:53 Pro
8:20 Video
9:04 Monochrome
9:16 HDR
9:29 Documents
9:48 High-Res
9:56 Panorama
10:09 Light Painting
11:01 Stickers
11:11 Dual View
11:28 Slow-Mo and Super Slow-Mo
12:27 Time lapse
12:45 Underwater Camera
12:57 Selfie Cameras
13:36 Selfie Portrait
14:21 AR Lens
14:43 Conclusion
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Announced with the Huawei P40 and P40 Pro Plus, the Huawei P40 Pro features a 6.58” OLED 90Hz Overflow display, Quad Leica Cameras, 50MP RYYB Ultra Vision Lens, 12MP RYYB 5x Optical Periscope Telelphoto Lens, 40MP Ultra Wide Cine and Huawei TOF Lens, 32MP Dual Front Camera with AF, Kirin 990 5G with 8GB RAM, 256GB Storage, 4200mAh Battery with 40W Super Fast Wired and Wireless Charging, EMUI 10.1 (based on Android 10) with Huawei App Gallery.
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  • Hope you enjoyed the video, I tried to cover as much detail as possible. Here are the timestamps: 1:02 Hardware 2:48 Interface 3:10 Master AI 3:50 Assistive Grid and Horizon Level 4:23 Looks and Filters 4:39 Portrait 5:30 Aperture 6:08 Night 6:53 Pro 8:20 Video 9:04 Monochrome 9:16 HDR 9:29 Documents 9:48 High-Res 9:56 Panorama 10:09 Light Painting 11:01 Stickers 11:11 Dual View 11:28 Slow-Mo and Super Slow-Mo 12:27 Time lapse 12:45 Underwater Camera 12:57 Selfie Cameras 13:36 Selfie Portrait 14:21 AR Lens 14:43 Conclusion

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    • I wish to my gift this comming my birthday on oct 8😁

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  • Do you know if p40 pro can record in HDR? In camera settings i found only HDR capability for photos and not for video recording!

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  • I have a question... 7:05 pro mode has a 50mp button on the right top corner. My button has dissapeared. how can I fix this?

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  • Great review of a great phone.Thank you! I still use the P9pro as my phone, just because it still works well...and take videos and photos with a Mate 20pro.Never had any problem with the phones.Always enjoyed! Reliable and the cams have an amazing DR. As I never had an the iphone12pro the better choice for making videos, than the Huawei?

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  • This is how you should review a phone super camera features. Not just stick to the auto mode. Huawei has the best feature, but one of my favourite is the Light Painting->Silky Water because we can shout a long exposure shot (for example silky waterfall/river stream) in bright day time without any ND filter needed and no worries about the overexposure image.

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  • Hi bro how are you?? I have one question who is best camera smart phone 2020 Huawei p40 pro plus, Samsung S20 ultra, one plus 8T, pixel 5 who is?? Please share your opinion

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  • Love love love the camera. I have this phone for 4month. Amazing. The photo quality is 📸👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

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  • I regret bought this one the camera not as expected my previous one was P10 plus and the camera much better than this one. This just has zoom nothing else!!

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  • Why didn’t you do a sufersaf style camera comparison with this phone.I think it has the best camera hardware in the market.

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  • Missed the dedicated Macro mode ... Which was there in the P30 Pro .. I use both ..and now the P40 Pro + .. and a fact that the P30 Pro handles Macro far better ... An update or tweek may later solve this issue in the P40 Pro +

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  • Has it improved from p30 pro?

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  • Thanks very good review. I just got my brand new p40 pro, I was a bit lost with all those possibilities/menus/lens. This overview helped mainly because you explained but also showed the interface/menus/options. Nice job.

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  • Does anyone know if Huawei has a cloud you can back up your media on? Like Google photos?

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  • Ive been using huawei p40lite for few month. and to be honest, i didnt seem to notice that it doesnt have google:D all the apps works the same (the ones i use) bank apps works, most important for me. Nothing changed. Well, it depends on what apps ppl are using, but i can wait to buy 40pro,because i love love love huawei cameras. Been using mate10pro for 2years,never had any problems with it:)

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  • Is there a video of this quality about the proplus?

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  • You did not cover the periscope zoom feature

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  • A lot of people love macro photography, and couldn't add macro mode to both the p40 pro and p40 pro + Really how could that miss huawei? I am disappointed in huawei because of that small but valuable little thing. We need macro mode on p40 pro/+

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  • Hey, I bought the P40 Pro+ outright, think it must've arrived damaged as can't get a good shot out of it, everything looks too blue, dynamic range looks to dark, can't pick things out. Very disappointed so contacted Huawei, it's gone back today for replacement under the 28 days return faulty, hope the next one is better! It was hopeless especially with sea and sky pics! 😏

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  • Can you (or anyone) get in-depth with this one but more video oriented? for instance, stabilization differences between 4k and 1080p (recommended) and optical zoom tweaking. anyone else notice that 5x optical zoom isn't responding when recording video? (no 'switchover' occurs , as does between 1x and wide lens)...

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